Transportation, including accessible and affordable public transit, is a key factor in influencing active aging, in particular being able to move about the town determines social and civic participation and access to community and health services.

The Town of Fort Erie has overhauled its Public Transit Services. The Town has replaced its fixed-route service and replaced it with On-Demand Services that started on October 4, 2021.

Transit On Demand - Fort Erie TransitWhat is On-Demand Transit?

On-Demand Transit is a shared-ride public transit service without a fixed schedule or route. The bus travel is optimized by computer software, and it is based upon rider trip requests. On-Demand Transit operates within the entire Town allowing riders to travel from point to point without transfers.

The On-demand Transit program will allow people to book a trip by either calling the customer service office (1-833-287-5463) or booking online through the App. Payment will be taken in cash, debit, credit or Smart Cards on the vehicle. Smart Cards can also be loaded through the online portal.

For more information regarding the On-Demand Transit System please visit the website at