Access to healthy, nutritious food is crucial to the well-being of individuals and their ability to thrive and develop to their full potential.

There are numerous individuals that rely on the community for food in Fort Erie.

Food banks and community meals are crucial to meeting their basic food needs but the mission of Strong Fort Erie Neighbourhoods is to reduce or eliminate this need by working with community members and social agencies to improve the lives of the community members overall.

Feeding Fort Erie:

  • Provides healthy and nutritious take-out meals
  • Collaborates with Community Crews and provides volunteers to make and distribute healthy lunches to school children in a number of schools
  • Distributes a monthly communication calendar to notify members of the community of the availability of meals and food sources
    * participates in Food Rescue and is registered with
    * works with local food banks to gather user statistics for program development and planning
  • Works with other existing community meal providers to gather user statistics for coordination and accessibility
Food Bank Volunteer

If you can help with any of the following please contact us:

  • A potential food supply, i.e. a church, organization or business serving free meals.
  • Any person, organization or business who would like to make a donation, either financial or food.
  • If you have learned anything new about people in need of food.
  • Any suggestions that would help strengthen our approach.

If you are willing to help in this ongoing work, you are welcome to join the Feeding Fort Erie Working Group at any time by contacting

Get in touch to find out how you can help!