Strong Fort Erie Neighbourhoods ( SFEN) is a community-based volunteer organization, located in the Town of Fort Erie, and incorporated under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act on March 5, 2020.

Mission Statement:
Strengthening the fabric of our community through connection and support.

Its focus is on poverty relief  by:

  1. providing  healthy meals 
  2. providing a  fresh food market  
  3. distributing  essential clothing
  4. Facilitating the distribution of healthy  school lunches for children
  5. providing  personal hygiene products

Who we are:

  • an outreach organization
  • 100% run by volunteers
  • not-for-profit
  • non-denominational

What we do:

  • Food Security Community Meals
  • Personal Care and Hygiene Bank
  • Age-Friendly focus
  • Connecting people to other social and health supports


Governance and Sustainability

  • Develop and Human Resources Plan that includes Board, volunteer and staff recruitment with a focus on inclusion
  • Develop and orientation and roles specific training programs; volunteer handbook and role descriptions
  • Develop and deliver on policies and procedures, Bylaws, Charitable status and identify risks
  • Develop a financial plan
  • Develop a fund development plan
  • Create and implement an evaluation process


  • Develop a communications plan that includes social media focused on networks, community and individuals
  • Develop a focused outreach program to communicate to government, neighbourhood and business for the purpose of enhancing our presence in the community
  • Develop common messaging and historical statements

Programs and Services

  • Develop new connections and deepen existing relationships in Fort Erie and the Niagara region
  • Strengthen the delivery of programs and services with the lens on cultural diversity and gender (inclusion)
  • Develop sensitive mechanism to capture what is happening in the Neighbourhood – “First voice.”
  • Create and implement qualitative and quantitative metrics and evaluation


  • Generate and gather relevant and reliable information and data including cultural diversity
  • Analyse, evaluate and validate data by including advisory group, government body and stakeholders
  • Identify impact and make decisions based on the evidence interpretation of the data

“Strengthening the fabric of our community through connection and support.”

“All neighbours in Greater Fort Erie live connected, healthy lives creating a strong and resilient community.”

Members of Strong Fort Erie Neighbourhoods adhere to FIVE core values that guide our actions:

  1. Community- We invest in each other to move forward with purpose and invent our future.
  2. Service- We make intentional decisions and actions to benefit others.
  3. Collaboration- We believe it is important that communities take responsibility for understanding the issues that affect them and work together for change.
  4. Adaptability- We continuously adjust to new conditions and learn from the emerging trends of lived experience.
  5. Partnership- We believe that together, we better address complex issues and achieve outcomes that have lifelong impact

Everyone has a voice. We listen to it.

Everyone has a story. We care about it.

Every so often people need others who are trained and able to help. We have partnerships with these experts.

Sometimes in the story of our life, people need others to walk with them to the right support. We will go there with you.